How do I access care through DrHerbs?

DrHerbs can be utilized by simple 6 steps:

1. Download the free WeChat or LINE app on your mobile device and sign up with DrHerbs by scan QR code below, or search WeChat ID: VancouverTCM

If you use LINE app, simply search user ID of drherbs and connect.

QRdrherbs (1)

2. Download and fill intake information at drherbs.ca then send within your app

3. Answer pre-call questions and confirm appointment for consultation

4. Start using the service with Video/Voice Chat for health solution

5. At the end of consultation, you will be advised of invoice and the way to issue e-transfer payment

6. Fill in shipment info if prescribed with remedy required.

WeChat server does not keep chat record for privacy, all health info will be delivered via e-mail.

The user can discover related info on DrHerbs WeChat or join a group of same concern for support.


Tech support, security, and privacy are all important concerns for telemedicine consultations. You don’t need to use the full name as long as provide correct name for shipping address.

WeChat works hard to support the communication and servers of web client and bank secure private info and money transfer. You just enjoy the simplicity and expert service on demand.

Who are the experts in Drherbs?Chen

Professor Chen is a Chinese Medicine Doctor registered in U.K. and China. He is R.TCM.P in BC,Canada and the member of Canadian Association of Neuroscience. He is also the director of Oriental Medicine Academy.

After his graduation of Chinese Medicine education in China in 1990s, he continued his quest for knowledge while practicing at a local TCM Hospital as a medical doctor. During his intensive hospital practice, he gained profound clinical experience in Chinese medicine which allowed him to join the Chinese Acupuncture Association.

Practicing acupuncture, herbal medicine, and alternative brain care therapy, his treatment focuses on spinal disorders, cardiac and stroke symptoms, and pediatric problems. When he was invited to practice Chinese medicine in England, he successfully treated many conditions such as arthritis, skin disease, menopause, PMS, and cardiac problems. He developed over 30 new Herbal formulas to help local health concerns.

How can I get the herbal remedy prescribed after consulting?

If you live in the areas where we have offices, you may pick up the remedy in store. Otherwise, we can ship your order, or direct you to find them at local herbal remedy market. Please email info@drherbs.ca for more info.

Location of our Vancouver clinics:


M33-970 Burrard Street

Downtown Vancouver, BC
tel. 6045186455

Bellevue Natural Health Clinic,

1467 Bellevue Ave

West Vancouver, BC
tel. 604 913 2262

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