Rates (C$ for Canadian customers, US$ for overseas rates)

Online consultation rates:


$40 per 15 minutes
$50 per 25 minutes
$70 per 40 minutes
Remedy price will be subject to suggestion, the regular professional TCM herbal remedy is $20 plus shipment cost to your address plus tax.
Messaging by text only will apply the basic 15 minutes rate per case.

INTERAC e-Transfer for DrHerbs in Canada

Quick and secure online and mobile transfers
INTERAC e-Transfer is a simple way to send money to – and receive money from – anyone who banks at financial institutions in Canada.


The recipient’s email address is all you need to know for e-transfer. We will set up a security question with an answer with you in consultation.


Your INTERAC e-Transfer is made through Personal internet or Mobile Banking and is covered by bank security system. When you send money using INTERAC e-Transfer, your money never travels by email or text message. Email and text messages are only used to notify and provide instructions to the recipient.

Here is a demo video for e-transfer.

Credit card payment will be optional for out of Canada customers. The rate will be in US dollars for transfer cost.